Aikenhead's Drug Store - Services, 03 Jun 2021 8:15:16 -0700en-us<![CDATA[Virtual Health Care Provider Referrals]]>, 01 Jun 2021 12:06:01 -0700<![CDATA[Covid-19 Vaccinations]]>, 12 May 2021 10:52:31 -0700Pre-register for our in-store Covid-19 vaccine waitlist at the following link:

<![CDATA[E-Scripts]]>, 15 Mar 2021 9:03:57 -0700New

Order refills of your prescriptions without leaving home! E-scripts allow you order refills online from any device!

E-scripts Online Click Here!

There's an App for That!

Download the iPhone or Android App for quick and easy prescription refills.

Fill your prescriptions online from your iPhone or iPad!

Download iPhone App: Click on the link!

Fill your prescriptions online with any of your android devices!

Download Android App: Click on the link!

<![CDATA[Flu Shots]]>, 03 Mar 2021 12:34:08 -0700DUE TO COVID-19:

Flu shots will be administered by appointment only.

Please call 613-432-8866 for appointment availability.

High dose flu vaccine is not available.


Only individuals being immunized should attend the appointment.

Short sleeves / masks must be worn.

Please leave all personal items in your vehicle.

<![CDATA[Travel Clinic]]>, 27 Nov 2020 1:47:18 -0700Our travel clinic is operated by Karen Church. Aikenhead's PharmaChoice provides a full service pre-travel clinic including pre-travel consultations, prescribing and administration of travel and publicly funded vaccines and prescribing of travel related prescriptions including antimalarials and treatment for travelers diarrhea. The clinic is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

To book a consultation please fill out the form below (1 form for each person travelling) and submit directly online, ideally 2-3 months before your travels but we take last minute appointments as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to email Karen.

At the appointment, a pharmacist with an education in travel health will review and provide a written assessment of travel health recommendations and provide a prescription for vaccinations and medications recommended or required for the itinerary.


Assessment - $45 (Family traveling to the same destination - $60)
This includes the cost of administration of vaccines but does not include the cost of vaccines or medications.  Depending on the itinerary, the consultation typically lasts between 15 and 30 minutes.

Administration of Vaccines:

Vaccine administration is provided by a pharmacist trained in the administration of vaccines.
You may be required to wait at Aikenhead's Drug Store for approximately 15 minutes after receiving a vaccine.

To book a follow-up appointment for a vaccine booster dose, proceed to the online booking service:

<![CDATA[Vaccinations]]>, 17 Oct 2020 8:14:53 -0700Do you have a prescription for Prevnar? Shingrix? Our pharmacists are trained in the administration of vaccines.

If you would like one of our pharmacists to administer your vaccine, please book your appointment here:

$20 appointment fee applies

<![CDATA[Canada Post]]>, 28 Sep 2020 5:38:54 -0700Aikenhead's is an official Canada Post location.  Collect your parcels and pick up prescriptions in one stop!

 Aikenhead's - An Official Canada Post location

<![CDATA[Compounding]]>, 28 Sep 2020 2:06:02 -0700

Allergies?  Special needs?

Ask us about our compounding lab! 

What is Compounding?

Compounding is the creation of a pharmaceutical product specific to the unique needs of the customer.

Why Compound?

  • To change the form of the medication, ie. from a solid to a liquid for easier ingestion
  • To avoid a non-essential ingredient that the customer is allergic to, ie. gluten or dyes
  • To prepare specific doses/products not commercially available
  • To add flavours
  • To alter texture
  • To provide bioidentical hormone replacement therapy

Who can I talk to about compounding?

We have three PCCA trained pharmacists on staff. They are available for consultation if needed. We compound prescriptions on Tuesday and Thursday.

Does compounding cost more than traditional medication?

As with mass produced medications, the cost to the patient varies based on a multitude of factors. The upfront cost to the patient is higher than with traditional pharmaceuticals as we cannot bill the drug plans online.  By definition, the drugs are too unique to have coverage automated.  However, a lot of compounds are covered by drug plans upon submission of receipts.  Aikenhead's can provide you with the documentation you need to provide to your drug plan.

<![CDATA[Medicine Cabinet Cleanup]]>, 28 Sep 2020 2:03:11 -0700Expired medications can be dangerous to your health.  Dispose of them safely and conveniently at Aikenhead's.  It is suggested that a medicine cabinet cleanup be performed at least once per year. Sharps should be disposed of in the appropriate container.

<![CDATA[Clinic Days]]>, 28 Sep 2020 2:00:47 -0700Due to Covid-19 all patient consultations will be accommodated by appointment only.

<![CDATA[Services]]>, 06 Dec 2017 12:53:32 -0700<![CDATA[Ideal Protein]]>, 07 Sep 2016 1:29:20 -0700Ideal Protein is a medically supervised weight loss program.

Please contact Michelle Couper for further details.

<![CDATA[Free Delivery]]>, 11 Sep 2014 11:32:45 -0700Aikenhead's offers free delivery within town limits.

Just another way Aikenhead's works for you!

<![CDATA[Stocking Fittings]]>, 11 Sep 2014 11:30:44 -0700The leg veins are susceptible to circulatory disorders as a result of carrying large volumes of blood.  Unhealthy backward flow can cause leg fatigue, swelling, pain and varicose veins.

One of the ways used to manage leg problems is to use elastic compression stockings.

Here at Aikenhead's Pharmachoice we have trained staff to measure you for stockings.  We have an assortment of colours and styles to fit your needs.

Appointments are not always needed.  Come in today and step into a healthier lifestyle with Aikenhead's.

<![CDATA[Compliance Packaging]]>, 27 Aug 2013 9:03:30 -0700Never miss a dose with Aikenhead's compliance packaging options! 

Compliance Packaging, or blister packaging, is a simple way to manage your medications.  Medications are organized into individual packets based on your medication schedule.

Each week, medications are delivered or can be picked up based on your schedule and preferences. 

Benefits of Compliance Packaging:

  • Avoiding missed medication maximizes the therapeutic benefit you obtain from your medications
  • Many formats are available including:
    • single medication blister cards
    • multi-medication blister cards
    • bubble strip packs
  • Our pharmacists work with you to determine a medication schedule that is medically beneficial and easy to follow

Ask about compliance packaging today!

<![CDATA[MedsCheck]]>, 27 Aug 2013 8:53:41 -0700Do you take multiple medications?  Unsure if you are taking them correctly?

We can help.

The pharmacists at Aikenhead's Drug Store offer MedsCheck consultations!

We will sit down with you, go over your medications, provide helpful information and answer any questions you may have.  Consultations can be requested at your convenience and can be done in store or in the comfort of your home. 

Ask your pharmacist about a MedsCheck today!



<![CDATA[Home Health Care]]>, 26 Jul 2013 1:00:21 -0700Aikenhead's stocks a wide variety of home health care products that can make a world of difference in your life.  Check out our display in store or contact Theresa Hass, our front shop manager for more information.  If we don't have what you are looking for there is a good chance we can order it for you.